Men In Ballroom

Being able to dance is very beneficial for any guy, but learning to dance on your own is not much fun.  If you are one step away from making that call - don't hesitate, it will be worth it!


You will need a few new items in your gym bag: a few mints, cologne, an extra t-shirt, some dance shoes and let the adventure begin! You will be proud when friends notice your great posture, big smile and start asking you to show off your moves.

Working out is great and builds muscles but dancing improves your balance coordination and positively affects your brain and soul. It doesn’t have to be for someone. It could be just for you because you like to move to the music. Being a professional teacher for many years I have seen many gentlemen enjoy the process of learning and practicing dance from just a few months up to 15 years and counting.


Improve your skills with weekly private lessons in combination with practice parties all the way to competitive ballroom dancing!

Dancing could mean one or more of these for you:

-  Stay fit, feel young, enjoy the music and dance 

-  Retirement hobby 

-  Working-from-home break

-  Pursuing a long time dream 

-  Mastering quality of ballroom dancing

-  Picking up where you once left off 

-  Enjoying DanceSport competitions 


Lessons taught by the top professional instructor 

Daria Zotova 

Competitive Ballroom Dancer with multiple first place titles including 

Grand National Professional Champion and Eastern US Professional Champion

20+ years of teaching experience with over 40 championship titles

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