Dance Body Conditioning Class

Learning choreography is not the same as building a beautiful body for dance. One will not blossom without the other. It is my pleasure to help guide you through this transformation. One hour a week can make a big difference because learning smart is faster. Adult bodies are very capable of change and rapid improvement. I am looking forward to teaching you what to do and what not to do to speed up your development. Joints and ligaments are not meant for stretching but muscles are. They need to be stretched and strengthened for you to enjoy a long and healthy dance career. You can do wonders when you know which muscles to activate for maximum balance, power or range of motion.


When a teacher shows a move to the whole class, students will look differently: those who take time to build a dance body (not the same as going to the gym at all) will look so much better!


Daria Zotova

20+ years of experience in teaching dance. Bachelor degree in dance performance and choreography (ballet, modern, folk, ballroom) Years of competing in both professional smooth and rhythm.

Grand National Professional Champion

Eastern US Professional Champion

UK Blackpool Professional semifinalist

Over 40 professional championship titles


Look forward to seeing you in the class . Wear cozy sports clothing and bring socks and a yoga mat. 

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